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    The Remarkable Emu

    Emu Oil has been documented to
    exhibit remarkable healing properties
    and is being used with great success
    for treatment of the following:

    * Burns, Eczema, Arthritis Pain, Cholesterol Reduction.

    * Promotes faster healing and helps reduce pain when used on Burns (Sunburns - Radiation Burns - Gas Burns, etc.).

    * Reduces or eliminates Scarring from Burns, Cuts, and Other wounds

    * Helps to reduce the "Bump and Bleed" condition experienced by many seniors.

    * People from all walks of life are discovering the remarkable qualities of this marvelous oil. Emu oil, derived from a layer of fat which covers the Emus back, is creating a lot of excitement among its many users. The news is spreading - it works!

    Emu Oil Products

    * Emu Oil applied topically greatly improves skin tones and appearance. Virtually eliminates Eczema. Seniors look younger. Reduces pain and scarring from burns, cuts and scrapes.

    * Emu Oil Gelcaps taken orally helps reduce Arthritis Pain and helps to lower Cholesterol.

    * Emu Oil Sports Rub got a sprain, sore muscles? Try our sports rub.... It Kicks!

    Throughout this web site you will find useful information about this product, its benefits and where to find it.

    Contact us by email, telephone or write to us for any questions or to share your experiences.


    Rancho San Diego Emus / 9966 Dolores St. Suite 101, Spring Valley, CA 91977
    ph. 619-337-0000 / fax 619-464-3516 "Ask for Willi A. Seeger"
    email: info@emuoil4u.com